Ejection Seat Look-up

This table aids finding an appropriate aftermarket ejection seat to enhance the 'office' of your model aircraft. Look up the plane in the left-hand column, then click on the ejection seat to be taken to our inventory where you can buy a seat from the appropriate family.

Note: This information is provided under best intentions to assist selection of an ejection seat for your model kit. However ModelsRGo makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy of the content.



Ejection Seat   

 A-1 Skyraider  Stanley Yankee
 A-4 Skyhawk  ESCAPAC 1A, IA-1
 A-1 Skyraider  ESCAPAC IG-2
 A-6A Intruder (early)  Martin-Baker Mk.GRU-5
 A-6A Intruder (late)  Martin-Baker Mk.GRU-7
 Aermacchi M-326  Martin-Baker Mk.4
 Aermacchi M-346  Martin-Baker Mk.16
 Alpha Jet (early)  Martin-Baker Mk.4
 Alpha Jet (late)  Martin-Baker Mk.B-10N
 Attacker (early)  Martin-Baker Mk.1A
 Attacker (late)  Martin-Baker Mk.2A
 Attacker FB2  Martin-Baker Mk.2B
 BAC/EE Lightning F.2/F.3/F.6  Martin-Baker Mk.4CA-2/BSC
 BAC/EE Lightning F.2A/F.6  Martin-Baker Mk.4BSA
 BAC/EE Lightning F.2A/F.6  Martin-Baker Mk.4B
 BAC/EE Lightning T.4  Martin-Baker Mk.4CA-2/BSC
 Bae Harrier GR1/GR3/T2/T4 (early)  Martin-Baker Mk.6
 Bae Harrier GR1/GR3/T2/T4  Martin-Baker Mk.9A
 Bae Harrier GR3  Martin-Baker Mk.9B
 BAe Harrier GR5/GR7/T10  Martin-Baker Mk.12/A
 BAe Hawk T1a  Martin-Baker Mk.10A
 BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1/FA-2  Martin-Baker Mk.10H
 Bristol 221  Martin-Baker Mk.3B
 Buccaneer RN  Martin-Baker Mk.4M
 Buccaneer RAF  Martin-Baker Mk.6-MSB
 Canberra B1, B2, B6, PR3, B(1)6, B(1)8, B62  Martin-Baker Mk.1A
 Canberra B2, B6, B(1)6, B15,  B16, PR3, PR7, PR9, T4, T17, T19, TT18  Martin-Baker Mk.2CA
 Canberra B1, B2, B6, PR3, B(1)6, B(1)8, B62  Martin-Baker Mk.3B
 Canberra PR9  Martin-Baker Mk.3CS
 Canberra B1, B2, B6, PR3, B(1)6, B(1)8, B62  Martin-Baker Mk.4BSA
 Canberra (Navigator)  Martin-Baker Mk.4QS
 CF-100  Martin-Baker Mk.2
 CF-100  Martin-Baker Mk.2B
 CF-105  Martin-Baker Mk.5
 Cougar (trainer)  Martin-Baker Mk.5
 Dassault Etendard  Martin-Baker Mk.6
 Dassault Etendard IV  Martin-Baker Mk.4
 Dassault Rafale (early)  Martin-Baker Mk.10
 Dassault Rafale (late)  Martin-Baker Mk.16F
 de Havilland Vampire T.11  Martin-Baker Mk.3B
 de Havilland Vampire  Martin-Baker Mk.4
 Eurofighter  Martin-Baker Mk.16A
 F/A-18  Martin-Baker Mk.10
 F/A-18  Martin-Baker Mk.14
 F/A-18 Hornet (early)  SJU-5A/6A
 F/A-18F  SJU-17 NACES
 F-104  Martin-Baker Mk.7
 F-104 A/B/C  Stanley/Lockheed LC II.C
 F-104G  Martin-Baker Mk.7
 F-117A  ACES2 (Type B)
 F-14A  Martin-Baker Mk.GRU-7(A)
 F-14B  SJU-17 NACES
 F-14D  SJU-17 NACES
 F-15C  ACES2 (Type B)
 F-15E  ACES2 (Type B)
 F-16   ACES2 (Type A - centre pull)
 F-22 Raptor  ACES2 (Type A - centre pull)
 F-35 JSF  Martin-Baker Mk.16E
 F3H Demon  Martin-Baker Mk.5
 F-4 Phantom II  Martin-Baker Mk.7
 F-4 Phantom II (Luftwaffe)  Martin-Baker Mk.GH-7(A)
 F4D Skyray  Martin-Baker Mk.5P
 F-5  Martin-Baker Mk.7
 F-5  Martin-Baker Mk.10
 F-6  Martin-Baker Mk.10
 F-8 Crusader (early)  Martin-Baker Mk.F5
 F-8 Crusader (late)  Martin-Baker Mk.F7
 F-8E Crusader  Martin-Baker Mk.F5A
 F-80  Lockheed F-80
 F-86 Sabre (Early)  Canadair seat 
 F-9 Cougar  Martin-Baker Mk.7
 Fairchild A-10A  ACES2 (Type B)
 Fairey Delta 2  Martin-Baker Mk.3B
 FJ-4 Fury  Martin-Baker Mk.5
 Folland Gnat  Martin-Baker Mk.4
 Folland Gnat  Type 4 GT/1
 Fouga CM.170 Magister  Martin-Baker Mk.4
 Gloster Meteor F.8  Martin-Baker Mk.1A
 Gloster Meteor T.7  Martin-Baker Mk.2B
 Gripen  Martin-Baker Mk.10
 Handley Page  Martin-Baker Mk.3B
 Hawker Hunter F1/F6/FGA11  Martin-Baker Mk.2H
 Hawker Hunter F1/F6/FGA11  Martin-Baker Mk.3H
 Hawker Hunter T7 (late)  Martin-Baker Mk.4BSA
 Jaguar  Martin-Baker Mk.4
 Javelin  Martin-Baker Mk.3B
 Jet Provost  Martin-Baker Mk.4BSA
 Jet Provost (training)  Martin-Baker Mk.4P
 Kfir   Martin-Baker Mk.6
 Kfir   Martin-Baker Mk.10
 Kfir C-1  Martin-Baker Mk.4BRM4
 KT-1  Martin-Baker Mk.16A
 MiG-21  KM-1
 MiG-23  KM-1
 MiG-29A  K-36DM
 Mirage  Martin-Baker Mk.4
 Mirage  Martin-Baker Mk.6
 Mirage 2000  Martin-Baker Mk.10
 Mirage F.1  Martin-Baker Mk.4BSA
 Mirage III, IV, V  Martin-Baker Mk.4BRM4
 Mohawk  Martin-Baker Mk.5
 Mystere  Martin-Baker Mk.4
 Northrop F-5  Martin-Baker Mk.16
 Northrop T-38  Martin-Baker Mk.16
 Phantom (USAF,USN)  Martin-Baker Mk.H7
 Phantom early  Martin-Baker Mk.5H
 Phantom (RAF)  Martin-Baker Mk.7
 Pilatus PC-21  Martin-Baker Mk.16A
 Prowler  Martin-Baker Mk.GRU-7EA
 Raytheon T-6A  Martin-Baker Mk.16A
 S-3A Viking  ESCAPAC IE-1
 Sabre (Late)  Martin-Baker Mk.5
 Sea Hawk  Martin-Baker Mk.1A
 Sea Hawk  Martin-Baker Mk.2D
 Sea Hawk  Martin-Baker Mk.2F
 Sea Hawk  Martin-Baker Mk.2B
 Scimitar  Martin-Baker Mk.4BSA
 Sea Venom  Martin-Baker Mk.4BSA
 Sea Vixen  Martin Baker Mk.4DSA
 Sepecat Jaguar  Martin-Baker Mk.4
 Sepecat Jaguar  Martin-Baker Mk.9B  
 Strikemaster  Martin-Baker Mk.4BSA
 Su-27  K-36DM
 Su-27UB  K-36DM
 Swift F2/F4/FR5  Martin-Baker Mk.2G
 Swift FR5/FR7  Martin-Baker Mk.3G
 T-22  Martin-Baker Mk.5 
 T-33 Shooting Star  Lockheed T-33
 T-45  Martin-Baker Mk.14 
 T-45  SJU-17 NACES
 T-50  Martin-Baker Mk.16A
 T-6 Texan II  Martin-Baker Mk.16LA
 Thunderflash  Martin-Baker Mk.5
 Tornado  Martin-Baker Mk.10A
 T.S.R.2  Martin-Baker Mk.8A
 Tucano  Martin-Baker Mk.8
 Valiant  Martin-Baker Mk.3B
 Venom  Martin-Baker Mk.1A
 Venom  Martin-Baker Mk.2
 Victor  Martin-Baker Mk.3
 Vought A-7D Corsair  ESCAPAC IG-2
 Vulcan  Martin-Baker Mk.3K
 Westland Wyvern  Martin-Baker Mk.1A
 Westland Wyvern  Martin-Baker Mk.2B