Q. What currencies do you accept for payment?

A. We accept payments in Pounds Sterling.


Q. Can I email you my card details so you can process my order yourself?

A. Please, please don't do that!! Email is not secure and besides, if you keyed our email address wrong, it might go to someone else who might take advantage of the information. Please phone us instead and we can process your card through our secure virtual terminal. 


Q. Can I pay by cheque, eCheque or postal order?

A. We accept payments by Credit/Debit card or Paypal. Other forms of payment delay shipping and/or involve us in costly paperwork. We'd prefer to reduce prices to you rather than accept them!


Q. Do you accept American Express cards?

A. The logos of the cards we accept are displayed on our website. We are unable to accept American Express.


Q. Do you deduct UK VAT for non-EU customers?

A. Yes, this is handled automatically for non-EU customers and customers living in Gibraltar, the Canary Islands and the Channel Islands.


Q. If I place more than one order do you combine them for shipping?

A. It depends. We do combine if the shipping address is the same except in these circumstances:

  • one or more of the orders is already packed
  • low value orders were paid for using a credit or debit card (we are charged for refunds on cards so there is unlikely to be a postage saving by combining orders)


Q. Is there a minimum order value?

A. Yes, in order to cover the costs of offering Paypal and card payment services we do not accept orders with a goods value less than £3.50, excluding shipping.


 Q. My country does not have counties. How do I complete this address field?

A. As some countries have counties or regions (e.g. UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, etc) this field is mandatory. In the case of countries with no counties, we have created a single dummy ‘county’ with the same name as the country. For example, in the case of Belgium, simply select Belgium as the County and the address will be accepted. We will ignore this dummy ‘county’ for the shipping label. 


Q. Do I have to register an account to buy from you?

A. Not at all. You can simply check out as a "Guest" without registration.


Q. I just completed Checkout but realise I have missed something from my order. Can I add it?

A. You can't but we can if you contact us quickly enough. Please note that extra items will alter the shipping weight and volume so there may be additional shipping charges.


Q. What are the advantages of registration?

A. If you register an account then:

  • You will not have to re-enter your name and address details when you shop with us in future
  • Faster checkout procedure
  • You can view the status of your current and historical orders online


Q. I just placed my order but when I now look at one of the products I ordered it says 'Out of Stock'. Does this mean you don't have it in stock and can't fulfil my order?

A. No. Our site has a real-time stock inventory. If we only have one of a product in stock and you buy it then the inventory for that product is reduced to zero, so it now says 'Out of stock' for future customers. We receive daily alerts for out of stock items to enable us to place restock orders with suppliers. 


Q. How do I filter products by manufacturer?

A. Choose a Category, then select the required manufacturer from the "Manufacturer" box that appears on the left. Click "more" to see more Manufacturers. Click "choose other" to make another choice or "reset" to clear the selection.


Q. Can I see the shipping cost BEFORE I checkout?

A. Yes indeed. Simply select "View Basket" and then enter your delivery address details into the "Calculate shipping cost" box. Click "Get rates". Then choose your required postal service. Click "Select" to display the total cost of your order including shipping. Note: you must complete all steps in order to display the correct prices for your location. 


Q. Do you post overseas?

A. Yes, we post to the following EU countries: Austria, Begium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. We also post to Norway, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Please note that certain products are prohibited from overseas shipping (e.g. flammable paints, thinners and glues). Such items are clearly marked in the Product Descriptions. If you live overseas you will not be able to complete checkout if you have prohibited items in your basket. Remove the items and you can complete checkout.


Q. Can you under-value the order on the customs slip so that I can avoid import taxes?

A. Sorry, no.


Q. I tried to call you but the number says it does not accept anonymous calls.

A. We have been plagued by call centres wasting our time trying to sell us insurance, deals on fuel, etc so we have implemented filters on the line to prohibit callers who withhold their number. Unfortunately this sometimes prevents genuine callers from abroad getting through to us. We'd love to hear from you, so if you have this problem please use the contact page to email us with your enquiry and we will attend to it as soon as possible.


Q. Do you provide valuations for old model kits?

A. We only sell new products. If you need a valuation of a second hand kit then you're best looking at completed sales on auction sites.


Q. Can you supply missing parts for a model kit I have?

A. Generally no. If you bought the item from us and it has missing parts or a manufacturing fault then we will sort you out of course. Otherwise you're best asking the manufacturer or UK distributor. They are usually very helpful as they want you to be able to build their products successfully.


Q. If I need something that you don't currently stock can you source it for me?

A. We'll certainly do our best, so long as it is currently in production and available through our suppliers.


Q. Do kits come with paint and glue included?

A. In order to reduce costs most manufacturers do not include paint and glue with kits. Besides which, many modellers prefer a particular paint and/or glue brand. Airfix do package some models with paint and glue and these are indicated on the site as 'gift sets'. If you would like paint and glue for a particular model which is not a gift set, just drop us a line and we will happily suggest appropriate items to finish the kit.


Q. Do you have a shop/store I can visit?

A. Sorry, no. We are an on-line business only and as such stock is not displayed for browsing by customers. If you live locally you can place an order on-line and pick-up in person to have your P&P refunded. Please call us to make an appointment.


Q. Do you have a catalogue you can send me?

A. Sorry, no. Our stock changes all the time so any printed catalogue would soon be out of date. Besides which, we'd have to pass on the cost of printing in our prices. It's best to use the search facilities on our website to find things or email us with a query and we'll get back to you.


Q. When I try to register or log into my account I get the message 'Error - Incorrect or missing confirmation code'.

A. This problem can occur if the confirmation code displayed gets out of synch with the confirmation code that the website is expecting. If you are using AOL's browser, try accessing the site using Internet Explorer as there are compatibility issues with AOL's browser. If you are using any other browser then try these workarounds:

Try closing your browser, then open a new browser session and clear the cache first before accessing our website. To clear the browser cache in Internet Explorer (for example) go to Tools/Internet Options and click Delete under the Browsing History heading.

If this doesn’t fix it, try clicking on the confirmation code image displayed on the Sign In screen to request a new image. This should re-synchronise what you are about to type with the confirmation code displayed in the image box.