RLM to Mr Hobby chart

This useful chart allows you to mix authentic Reichsluftfahrministerium (RLM) colours from Mr Hobby Aqueous Hobby Color paints. Table reproduced with permission.

 RLM Colour

Mr Hobby   

 RLM02  H070    
 RLM04  H413    
 RLM05  H001 90%  H004 7%  H061 3%
 RLM61  H065 70%  H003 25%  H004 5%
 RLM62  H006 50%  H061 45%  H001 5%
 RLM63  H332 43%  H066 40%  H051 15%
 RLM65  H067    
 RLM66  H416    
 RLM70  H065    
 RLM71  H064     
 RLM72  H065 70%  H070 20%  H051 10%
 RLM73  H065 70%  H070 10%  H051 20%
 RLM74  H068    
 RLM75  H069    
 RLM76  H417    
 RLM77  H051 75%  H061 20%  H007 5%
 RLM78  H418    
 RLM79  H060    
 RLM80  H420    
 RLM81  H421    
 RLM82  H422    
 RLM83  H423