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Date added: 20/09/2017 Overseas orders - ceased

Please note that as we are closing imminently we are no longer accepting overseas orders. UK mainland only.


Date added: 15/09/2017 Models R Go - closing

We regret to announce that Models R Go is closing at the end of September 2017. We haven’t gone bust or anything – this is our decision based on the fact that we have changed our career path and will no longer have the time necessary to offer our customers the service levels they expect.

As some of our customers are aware, we have been fostering children for a number of years. We have now decided to make this our full-time occupation so that we can offer the best parenting to the children in our care.

We would like to thank our many customers for their support over the last six years.

Kind regards,

John and Mandy Guiver

Date added: 01/02/2017 Ejection Seat Look-Up Table

We have provided a useful look-up table to assist in the selection of a suitable replacement seat for your model kit. See 'Ejection Seat Look-Up' under Information on our Home page, or click here.

Date added: 18/11/2016 Alec tools from Japan - price increase
Regretfully, owing to the weak pound, we've had to increase the price of the Alec scraper tools from Japan. Still, at least they're top quality from Shimomura craftsmen and will last you a lifetime. Unlike the knock-offs.
Date added: 22/03/2016 Shipping over the Easter Period

Our website will be up and running over the Easter period of course but our phone lines will be closed Friday 25th March - Monday 28th March. You can still leave a message though.

Shipping will be as follows:

Thursday 24th March - Shipping as Normal

Friday 25th March through to Monday 28th March - orders taken will be shipped Tuesday 29th March

Tuesday 29th March - Shipping as normal

Date added: 06/01/2016 New Year, new Models R Go


The start of a brand new year is an opportunity to make some resolutions and here at Models R Go we've been analysing the results of our customer surveys and having some in-depth discussions about the future.

Our five years' trading has taught us a thing or two about the hobby business and internet trading in particular.

As Mandy and I are also foster carers, the company will always remain a small business and to that end it is pointless us attempting to replicate a bricks & mortar hobby shop on-line along with all the vast range of stock that necessitates.

With this in mind, we have decided to niche-down the business in order to offer a more focussed product range concentrating on aftermarket detailing sets, paints, modelling tools and consumables. To this end we will no longer be stocking the actual model kits themselves. This will make more space for stocking the products that are essential for building and finishing models and, co-incidentally, free up space to make a difference to the lives of more foster children - a win, win!

We hope this is the right decision for us, only time will tell but in the meantime may we wish you all a Happy and Prosperous 2016.

All the best,

John & Mandy

Date added: 07/10/2015 Customer survey
Many thanks to everyone who took the time to complete our customer survey. Your feedback is much appreciated and will help us to continue to improve our services. All the best, John & Mandy Models R Go
Date added: 21/08/2015 AK Interactive Xtreme Metal formulation problem

Please note that we are aware of an ingredient problem in early batches of AK Interactive Xtreme Metal paints.

The following colours are affected and have been withdrawn from sale pending replacement stocks: Burnt Metal, Duraluminium, Jet Exhaust, Brass, Copper.

All the other colours including Black Base and the Cleaner are fine.

We have now contacted all clients who have bought potentially affected paints from us and we are working with Fernando Vallejo, President of AK Interactive, to ensure replacements are sent out as soon as possible.

Date added: 09/07/2015 More Mr Hobby colours

We have added the following paints to our stocked Mr Hobby range:

H014 - Orange
H015 - Bright Blue
H016 - Yellow Green
H022 - Gray
H023 - Shine Red
H026 - Bright Green
H032 - Field Gray(1)
H034 - Cream Yellow
H036 - Dark Green
H037 - Wood Brown
H038 - Steel Red
H039 - Purple
H042 - Blue Gray
H045 - Light Blue
H083 - Dark Gray(2)
H084 - Mahogany
H086 - Red Madder
H087 - Metallic Red
H088 - Metallic Blue
H091 - Clear Yellow

Thanks, J&M

Date added: 26/06/2015 Mr Hobby Colour news

Due to ingredient issues in the factory in Japan, production of the following colours has been halted and no stocks were sent in the most recent shipment from Japan. Once our current stock runs out these colours will not be available for a couple of months unfortunately:

  • MC211 Chrome Silver
  • MC218 Aluminium
  • MC217 Gold
  • H413 Yellow RLM04
Date added: 16/04/2015 Mr Hobby availability?

Many of you may have heard that the former UK importer of Gunze Sangyo/Mr Hobby products recently closed their retail arm to concentrate on contract work.

However we are pleased to advise that Albion Alloys will be the new importer thus ensuring continuity of supply; you may have heard of their excellent range of sanding products and metal tubing. It's early days as yet as they are still awaiting their first shipment so a few items may go out of stock for a few weeks but rest assured we will be re-stocking as soon as the product becomes available.

Kind regards,

John & Mandy

Date added: 24/02/2015 Lead Wire and Styrene Sheet

Good news for all scratchbuilders! We now have re-stocks of PlusModel lead wire and white styrene sheets.

Lead wire is useful for superdetailing cockpits and wheel wells to represent hoses, conduits, hydraulic lines, etc. Styrene sheet is great for gap filling and fabricating parts.

See the Scratch Building section of the website (under Model Building Accessories).

Date added: 29/01/2015 Mr Hobby paint

We have added 10 more colours to the Mr Hobby paint range. They are mainly designed for WII German tanks.

They are:

H021 Off White

H047 Red Brown

H079 Sandy Yellow/Dark Yellow

H089 Metallic Green

H092 Clear Orange

H401 Dark Gray

H402 Green Brown

H403 Dark Yellow

H404 Khaki Brown

H405 Olive Green



John & Mandy

Date added: 16/01/2015 Flory Models products

Regretfully we have been advised by the sales arm of Flory Models that with immediate effect they will no longer be supplying their washes and abrasives to third parties such as ourselves. This is purely a business decision on their part and we respect that.

Once our remaining stock has gone we will no longer be able to offer Flory-branded products.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil and Mel for all their advice and assistance over the years, particularly in our early days. We wish them all the best for the future.

John & Mandy

Date added: 20/11/2014 The elixir of modelling finally arrived!

Hurrah, Tamiya finally opened their new pipeline and their Extra Thin Cement is now flowing freely!

Now all we need is for Johnson's to reproduce the Mk.I version of Klear.

Date added: 13/10/2014 Mr Hobby re-stocks

We received re-stocks of paint, thinners, surfacers and the popular Glue Applicators today.

Sadly no Surfacer 1200 or MC213 Stainless Steel metallic (they weren't on the delivery boat apparently).

But we did get MC214 Burnt Iron which has been unavailable for a while, hurrah!

Thanks, J & M

Date added: 24/09/2014 Tamiya restock

We received a restock of Tamiya products today which includes the A-1J USAF version of their 1:48 Skyraider which hasn't been available for a while. Lots of ordnance in this one:

 Douglas Skyraider A-1J USAF

We have restocked on the popular Tamiya masking tapes and have added the following colours to our range of Tamiya mini acrylics:

X-31 Titanium Gold

X-32 Titanium Silver


XF-55 Deck Tan

XF-56 Metallic Grey

XF-65 Field Grey

XF-67 NATO Green

Date added: 12/09/2014 AK Interactive Air Series washes

AK Interactive has just released a series of enamel-based weathering washes specifically developed for enhancing aircraft models. The range is now in stock and includes:

  • Aircraft Engine Oil
  • Landing Gear Wash for enhancing contrast and 3D effect
  • Landing Gear Dust
  • Kerosene Leaks & Stains
  • Shaft and Bearing Grease
  • Engine and Turbine wash for enhancing contrast and 3D effect
Date added: 03/09/2014 Tamiya Extra Thin Cement
Hurrah, HobbyCo (the official UK importer of Tamiya products) have just announced that Extra Thin Cement will be available from November this year. 'Bout time too :-)
Date added: 03/09/2014 Hassy Tiffy on the cheap

If you don't have the room for Airfix's whopping great 1:24 Typhoon or don't fancy forking out silly money for Hasegawa's 1:48 Bubbletop, then here's some good news. Hasegawa's excellent 1:48 Typhoon Mk.Ib is now available under the Italeri brand. Same kit but at a price that's much kinder on the wallet!! Nice one Italeri.

Date added: 08/08/2014 Mr Hobby Re-stock
We finally received a re-stock of Mr Hobby products today, including the metallics and the popular Mr Cement S glue.
Date added: 31/07/2014 Ultimate Modelling Products
We are now stocking Ultimate Airbrush Cleaner and Thinner. These well-received products work with all brands of airbrush and all brands of acrylic paint. See Ultimate's website for a paint to thinner ratio chart.
Date added: 18/03/2014 Eggplanes have landed...!

Yes, it's that time of year again. Put aside that 400+ part kit you've been tearing your hair out over and settle down with a nice, simple eggplane to lower your stress levels as we coast towards Easter. These caricature kits are fun to build inbetweenies that will make you smile. See the Eggplanes section on the site.

They're BACK! Yes, those excellent Trumpeter Photo Etch Part Benders are now back in stock. Great value and available in three sizes.



Date added: 01/03/2014 Mr Hobby re-stocks

We have just received a re-stock of Mr Hobby products including more Cement S and the reformulated Mr Mark Setter and Mr Mark Softer decal solutions.

Thanks, John

Date added: 13/02/2014 At last! Cement S and more...
We just received re-stocks of the following... Mr Hobby Levelling Thinner, Cement S, Surfacer 1000 and Glue Applicators. We are now also now stocking Mr Hobby Aqueous colours H025 Sky Blue and H046 Emerald Green. Lionroar Scribing Templates now in stock: squares, rounds/ovals and odd shapes. Thanks, John & Mandy